Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Whittier Elementary School is to educate and advocate for children by providing a safe, collaborative environment that recognizes and celebrates diversity, provides equitable learning opportunities, promotes academic excellence, positive behavior, individual growth, and family and community involvement.

Vision and Values

At Whittier Elementary School, learning is our fundamental purpose. In order to fulfill this purpose, we will ensure that:

 1.) VISION:  Our school provides a safe, orderly, and respectful environment in which to learn.

VALUE:  We will promote a positive and caring school environment through modeling and by holding high expectations for students’ behaviors.

 2.) VISION:  Every teacher, student, and parent is clear on and takes responsibility for the knowledge and skills students are expected to acquire at each grade level.

VALUE:  We will promote and publish essential outcomes to encourage shareholders (all members of our learning community) to take ownership for the knowledge and skills expected of students.

3.) VISION:  All students are monitored and evaluated using common assessments which are aligned to state and district standards, as well as grade level essential learning outcomes.

VISION:  Formative and summative assessments are used to inform instruction. Based on assessment data and daily performance, students receive remedial or enrichment interventions in addition to CORE instruction.

VALUE: We will provide appropriate instruction for each student based on individual needs and learning styles.

4.) VISION:  The staff has high expectations for student success, and shares those expectations with students, parents, community, and each other. These expectations include: academic, behavior, social, emotional, and physical wellness.

VALUE:  We will continue to hold high expectations for student achievement and communicate that with our learning community.

5.) VISION:  Our Professional Learning Community model promotes shared leadership and shared knowledge among staff members.

VALUE:  We will practice our professional learning community model to promote shared leadership and shared knowledge among staff members. 

6.) VISION:  Staff members work collaboratively to meet the needs of all students and to analyze and improve professional practices.

VALUE:  We commit to collaboration and practices that are focused on student learning and professional development.

7.) VISION:  Professional development activities are designed for all staff members to expand their knowledge and provide opportunities for continued growth. Momentum is maintained through timely presentations and opportunities for implementation.

VALUE:  We will provide activities and opportunities for professional development and continued growth for all staff members. 

8.) VISION:  The efforts, improvements, and achievements of students and adults will be recognized and celebrated.

VALUE:  We will recognize and celebrate the individual and collective efforts and achievements of the Whittier community.